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Optymyse Advanced Wallboard Technology is a completely new way to empower, engage, motivate and retain your contact centre agents.

“Wait times have been reduced by between 30% and 50%. These improvements really could be the difference between life and death”

-- Tracey Leigh Cook, Project Manager, South Wales Police

“Our agents appreciate the fast refresh, clean designs and the way Optymyse gives them the information they need to make decisions overall.”

-- La Capitale, Canada

“Optymyse is the face of our Contact Center”

-- Oldcastle Materials, USA

“Optymyse is easy to use and intuitive!”

-- Plusnet, UK

“We live and die by the Optymyse screens”

-- Scion Dental, USA

“Optymyse is a neat tool!”

-- Teleperformance, Mexico

“Its great to learn how to make our agents feel more positive, and what not to display on wallboards”

-- Brightside Insurance, UK
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Using the latest REST API and Browser-Based technology Optymyse Advanced Wallboard Technology gives you the ability to re-connect agents to your brand, remind them of core company values, be empowered, satisfied and most of all have access to the information they need to deliver positive customer experiences.

If you’re currently using a traditional call centre wallboard and you want to make sure its not contributing to agent disengagement and attrition, send us an image of your screen and we will send you a FREE report with recommendations you can use to quickly improve agent engagement in your contact centre.

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“It’s great to learn how to make our agents feel more positive, and what not to display on wallboards”

— Brightside Insurance, UK


It’s time to remove the stigma surrounding traditional contact centre wallboards and start giving agents the information and support they crave. Transparency and fast knowledge transfer reduces agent stress, a key reason for agents to leave, shows you trust them, empowers them and makes them feel closer to the business, all reasons employees remain loyal.

Every minute a contact centre in the UK loses an agent; in the US five agents leave every minute, why? Unnecessary levels of stress and disengagement.

As the service industry moves towards quality rather than quantity how agent performance is measured also needs to change. With Optymyse you can quickly replace negative Call Handling Metrics and instead deliver a more balance set of KPIs which engage and motivate agents and drive improvements in Customer Experience (quality).  Intelligent threshold rules are used to recognise good performance and increase awareness of issues while; social messages, brand re-enforcement and company messaging are used to create an environment where agents feel more connected to each other and your brand.

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One of the biggest mistakes you can make when deciding what to include on your contact center wallboard is to design something for your managers and supervisors rather than your agents. This approach often causes stress and negativity because agents cannot influence many of the metrics supervisors want to see, best practice is to shield agents from matters other than delivering positive customer experiences.

The solution is to use Optymyse Advanced Wallboard Technology to create supervisor specific dashboards and manager screens which can be displayed on mobile devices, leaving your TV screens to service, encourage and engage your agents.


Let’s look into the tech. APIs, Installation and Maintenance, Software and Installation.

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If budgets and ROI are your thing, here’s more good news about Optymyse Advanced Wallboard Technology…

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