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“How to use the data that already flows through your Call Centre to improve customer relations, re-engage your agents, empower your managers and build an inclusive, happy community within your business”…

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“Wait times have been reduced by between 30% and 50%.
These improvements really could be the difference between life and death”

– Tracey Leigh Cook, Project Manager, South Wales Police

Since 2001, SJS Solutions Ltd, the Developers of Optymyse have helped Call Centres the world over to transform the way information flows through the company. Critical call centre data is displayed and updated on TV screens, PC’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

On the call centre floor, in management offices and even when you are offsite, detailed information about calls waiting, response times, staff updates, customers’ feedback and performance metrics updates in real time via one sleek dashboard. Also, because the information is updated by the second, your call agents, team leaders, support staff, company managers and executives will know exactly what the business is doing at any given moment.

Optymyse is like having a 24/7 business supervisor, monitoring the entire operation and reporting directly to you with the information that really counts.

And with our display options, you are never overloaded with information that is not needed. You decide what is important, we’ll make it happen.

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Never again will you have to look for critical business information. It’s right in front of you.

For Call Centre Managers

Your Managers will immediately see a whole new way to manage the way information flows through the business. Call waiting, response times, staff updates, customer feedback, performance metrics and even personalised messaging to the entire team.

Give Managers the information they need to run their teams, spot bottlenecks and respond instantly to critical business decisions.

With Optymyse, managers are empowered to identify, locate and fix trouble spots. You already know that problems are much easier to handle when they are spotted early. Like your own full time, 24/7 assistant, Optymyse monitors the whole business, giving you the complete picture in real time.

The information displayed on your Optymyse screen is highly customisable. That means you can offer specific information for different teams. For example, if road delays and hazardous weather conditions mean an increase in inbound calls, connecting your agents screens to road and weather reports give them the confidence to understand why delays in delivery are occurring. Pre warning your agents of these delays help them to have the right approach to inbound calls.. That’s just one example of how our information hub could work. How can we help you?

Optymyse isn’t just about spotting problems. It’s about instant recognition of a job well done too. Positive feedback from customers, response to satisfaction surveys, new employees, birthdays, awards and ‘well done!” all leads to the ‘happy effect’ in your call centre. Staff feel included and engaged.

5 Reasons Call Centre Managers Love Optymyse

From the moment your team start using Optymyse, they will have a clear picture of exactly how they are performing their role in the business. Clarity breeds confidence and that shows through in every call…

For Agents

Optymyse creates confidence in your agents by giving them real time, critical information that can help redefine the way support calls are handled.

Optymyse creates communities. When agents know what’s going on they feel connected and engaged. We know from talking to users all around the world that seeing the big picture truly helps your team feel like a valued part of the company. They feel included and appreciated instead of just a small cog in a very big wheel.

Not just the ‘day to day’ business. Optymyse allows you to personalise communications, updates and training. You can introduce a new member of the team to the whole floor at once. Use Optymyse to build a community within your company. Book a call to see how Optymyse can radically improve the value you get from information flowing through your company.

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For Executives

Optymyse reduces staff attrition, training and onboarding time, recruitment costs, email tag and as a result saves money in recruitment and onboarding.

Never again will you have to look for business information, it looks for you. The information is there the second you need it, every second of the day.

What’s more, you can now monitor the business from wherever you are. You can view business statistics and update managers, send messages and react to business conditions on the fly. From across the floor or across the world, the second you are connected to the web on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone you’ll have every key piece of information from all corners of the business right in front of you. It also means you are no longer tied to your desk because Optymyse works on any device.

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Tech Specialists

Let’s look into the tech. APIs, Installation and Maintenance, Software and Installation.

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For the Finance Team

If budgets and finances are your thing, here’s more good news about Optymyse…

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