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To request a quote contact one of our team on +44 0203 642 1842 or +1 866-412-5265 or fill out the form below.

To request a quote contact one of our team on +44 0203 642 1842 or +1 866-412-5265 or fill out the form below.

“The additional screen design features are great, but the main reason we chose Optymyse is the time it saves us on administration, compared to the other systems we looked at.”

— Francois Lemieux, La Capitale Finance Group.

Figures show that failure to keep employees happy and engaged is costing the UK call centre industry as much as £2.3 billion every year, in the US it costs a minimum of $6k to replace an agent and in both regions average attrition rates run at 26 – 30%, so anything that can be done to help agents do their jobs better, reduce stress and drive employee satisfaction is likely to yield a return very quickly.

There’s something else about your agents leaving that you should know… When they clear their desk, they never go empty handed, they take experience and inside knowledge about your company, the second they leave, all that is gone, wasted.

Of course to you, it means that when you fill that gap you start again, right from the beginning, and there is more bad news, when an agent makes the decision to leave he or she will have started to pull back on the way they responded to customers, they lose interest because one foot is out the door and they make waves too. When the agent told his colleagues of his dissatisfaction at the job, they focus on theirs and this is bad for the morale of your whole team. Unfortunately no matter how well you train their replacement, in the first few months they will struggle to match their performance and this will have an impact on your customers.

Optymyse is a simple way to instantly increase employee engagement the biggest influencer on employee satisfaction and attrition rates, it helps you empower your agents by giving them the information they need to make your customers happy which in turn gives them job satisfaction, plus it helps create a smart, professional environment agents will enjoy being part of.

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